2022- A year to remember!

2022- A year to remember!

November 29, 2022

Our Year in Review.

And just like that, another calendar year at Stratum Masonry has ended and what an exciting twelve months it has been… Where to start?

We are thrilled to share that we have recruited several talented individuals to our growing team. All our new recruits have settled in well and are fully onboard with Stratum’s ethos and vision- each adding tremendous value to the company.

A big part of Stratum Masonry’s existence is to pass our craft on to younger generations. With that in mind, we have added a new apprentice to our ranks, Peter, who is in the same college class as our first apprentice stonemason, William. Both have been making incredible progress in class and on-site. In late 2021 William was awarded apprentice of the year- an unbelievable personal achievement. The boys have been integral to some of Stratum Masonry’s recent projects. We hope to recruit two apprentices each year. After all, our purpose is to “Inspire the young, Preserve the past, Create the future.”

Many of the old faces are still here too and contribute significantly to our success as a business.
From office members to the site teams – everyone’s skill set has developed over time, impacting the company positively.


For the second year in a row, we attended the prestigious ‘Scottish Home Improvement Awards. In 2021 we were crowned Scotland’s ‘best new business’ This served as motivation for the 2022 awards, which took place in September. We were victorious again and won ‘Scotland’s best speciality trade business’
This is a testament to every single one of our employee’s hard work over what has been an exceptionally busy year. One of our company values is ‘progression’, and taking home another award in consecutive years emphasises that.


This year we have been progressive in several other ways too, one being the construction of a new custom-built office space that we hope to move into by the end of this year—watching the development week after week is making us all excited about what is to come. This new upgrade will only help us expand and grow as a business in the coming years. We continually strive to become Glasgow’s leading stonemasonry company and believe this is a leap in the right direction.


Anybody who follows us online knows about our dedication and commitment to the customer experience and service. Hours of planning and brainstorming go into this each week to make our process a little bit better for our valued clients. We have worked with so many great clients since 2019, for which we are unbelievably grateful.

This month we have just reached 150+ five-star reviews on Google- another fantastic milestone reached for the company and further demonstrates the handwork on and off-site that goes into successfully handing back over a project to our clients. We have the highest number of reviews for a stonemasonry company in Scotland, and we aim to maintain this.

On the topic of completed jobs, we are fortunate to have worked on some magical buildings this year- both domestic and commercial. From A-Listed buildings of significant importance to some magnificent private dwellings. We are proud that we service clients from both sectors. Preserving our country’s heritage is at the forefront of what we do at Stratum masonry.


We have seen an increase in surveys, which is positive and demonstrates that building owners are serious about maintaining their buildings. We welcome this as it’s essential for the welfare of our country. We always recommend a complete property survey if you are still determining what works need to be undertaken. Once we have surveyed your property, we send through a fully comprehensive document with detailed marked-up photos and recommendations.

Did we tell you that we’re famous now…? Well, not really, but we do have over 5 million views across all of our social media platforms which is pretty cool! Sharing the love of our craft with a broad audience is a privilege, and we hope this inspires those watching to consider a career in stonemasonry. If you want to check out our socials, you can find all our information at the top right of our website.

So, that’s our yearly round-up- apologies that it’s been a while since the last one. We have achieved a lot personally and professionally in the past twelve months. We want to thank our wonderful clients, who have trusted us to work on their beautiful properties, everyone in our supply chain for meeting our demand for materials, and our incredible team, who go above and beyond for Stratum Masonry. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.

We can’t wait to see what is in store for 2023 and look forward to maintaining and preserving our country’s heritage.


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