A-Listed Building, Glasgow City Centre

We were approached by our client to help identify the current condition of this A listed building which involved a stone condition survey being undertaken. Once the reports were compiled it allowed our client to pull together a scope of works stonework package which we then delivered for our client over a 7-month period.

Why They Came To Us

Overcoming Time Constraints and Material Challenges

Site challenges were delivering the project on the agreed timeframe as our client had a new tenant lined up and all works had to completed prior to them moving in. Other site challenges were stone lead times, ensuring all data was captured as soon as scaffolds were erected to allow our supply chain partners to supply all-natural sandstone for our stonemasons to work, ensuring all works were carried out with approved traditional practices and techniques.

The project itself included various masonry works being carried out which included:

Our Process

Precision Pointing

Careful raking out of existing pointing mortars, and areas repointed with an approved lime mortar mix.

Our Process

Artisan Stonework Restoration

Supply and fitting of new stonework was carried out to sections of stone that had eroded / had suffered damage over the previous years. This process included our stonemasons taking templates of the historic masonry and carving the detail on the new blocks of stone before they were installed on site.

Our Process

Fixing and Anchoring Integrity

Careful removal of all redundant fixings and anchors that were in danger of causing more damage to the stonework due to their corrosive nature.


Project Culmination: Celebrating Success in November 2023

Works were completed November 2023 and everyone connected within the project team are delighted with the finished results, the project was a couple of years in the making from initial enquiry through to getting on site and delivering all works for our valued client.

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