In 2019 Stratum Masonry were asked to assist in the restoration works to the Cove Burgh Halls which is owned by local residents formed via trust.

Why They Came To Us

They approached us to carry out sensitive fabric repairs works

This building was saved from ruin and it was a pleasure working closely with our client and all the design team to ensure this incredible local building was saved and preserved for many years to come.

Our scope of works was to carefully rake out all existing pointing mortar to the front elevation and replace with a hot lime mix.



Items weighing over 400Kg

Our biggest challenge was the reconstruction of the stone balcony with some items weighing over 400Kg. All stone had to be cut round the new steel supports which had to be concealed with the stonework and give off the effect that is was indeed one section of stone.

Our Process

All high-level chimneys were carefully repointed

All high-level chimneys were carefully repointed, replacing all missing and fractured pointing mortar to beds and joints.

On low level elevations, stone repairs were carefully carried out in an agreed lime mortar along with localised repointing works.


Our Process

Various masonry items were replaced

Various masonry items were replaced due to them suffering from erosion and fractures in places. All skew copes were carefully lifted and relaid on a new wallhead detail.

All windows were carefully prepared by removing all mastic between window and stonework, replacing with a coloured traditional linseed oil mastic to ensure a secure seal between stone and timber window.

The main focus on this project was the stone balcony which had been repaired with concrete previously and now starting to fail and cause issues. The new balcony would be constructed on stainless steel supports and be overclad by a new red sandstone, all existing details recreated on the new stonework to match that of historic records.


Stratum Masonry Delivers

Collaborating closely with the design team and HES, Stratum Masonry were able to successfully construct the new balcony ensuring all stonework was installed as designed whilst maintaining the structural integrity of the stainless steel supports.

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