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Products And Services

Stone Dressing And Carving

Stone dressing and carving services

At Stratum Masonry we have highly skilled craftsmen who carefully work dimension blocks of sandstone from the quarry into a masonry item that has been selected for replacement.

During this process, templates are taken of the item marked and transcribed onto a new masonry block. As the stone is hewed, the stone mason will use traditional hand tools and techniques to replicate the architectural detail on the original stone.

Natural Stone Supplies

Natural Stone Supplies

We have good working relationships with our quarry suppliers which enables Stratum to provide  natural stone supply products that are finished traditionally to match the existing sandstone.

This means our stone supply is ideal for all types of house building, garden walling, retaining walls, internal/external cladding and stone facing.

If you have very specific requirements let us know, because we can source local and imported natural stone products on your behalf.

Stone Masonry

Stone Masonry Services 

At Stratum Stonemasonry Glasgow we employ traditional crafts and skills to repair and restore existing building work and create new adaptations to buildings through architectural specifications.

We undertake full masonry repair in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Ayrshire and beyond, façade restorations, transforming dilapidated buildings back to their former glory and repairing cracks in masonry walls.

We can also adapt buildings to your specification, repurposing elements with craftsmanship to make it appear as if it were always so.

Lime Harling & Lime Wash

Lime Wall and rendering services

Stratum Masonry has a dedicated team with a vast knowledge of traditional building skills and the use of lime. Working in and around Glasgow, Edinburgh, Ayrshire and beyond, we take great pride in our work.

We specialise in the repair and refurbishment of older buildings, and are happy to offer assistance on buildings dating from medieval times right through to the present. When undertaking lime harling we use only the best traditional materials and skills to create the prefect finish.

We have lime harling on a vast array of buildings, including churches, visitor centres, domestic and Grade I and II listed properties. We have a very experienced team, and a vast knowledge of historic buildings, and the traditional skills needed to repair and restore them.

Lime Pointing

Lime Pointing Services

Stratum Stone Masonry are Glasgow's Lime Repointing and Stone Restoration company.

We are a highly professional conservation specialists company and have an affection and respect for the design and craftsmanship present in period properties.

Our starting point is to understand the individual character of the building before starting work and we are particularly skilled in the integration of modern and traditional technologies in period properties.

Our philosophy is to understand the unique characteristics of your property to ensure a living continuity.

Stone Replacing And Indenting

Stone replacement and indenting services

At Stratum Masonry we specialise in stone replacement and indenting whereby a stone analysis is typically carried out, which identifies the natural sandstone(s) that are compatible, aiming to achieve the best possible match in terms of aesthetics and performance to the current historic fabric.

Throughout this process, traditional methods and techniques are used to compliment the new masonry in order to recreate what remains of the building.