Stone dressing and carving

Stone Dressing & Carving Glasgow

At Stratum Masonry, we take great pride in our skilled craftsmen who expertly carve and dress sandstone blocks from the quarry. With precision and artistic care, they transform these blocks into replacement masterpieces.

Stratum Stone Dressing And Stone Carving Glasgow, Lanarkshire And Beyond.

Stone carving and dressing take high pride here at Stratum Masonry. Our team of highly skilled craftsmen take their finely honed craft skills and attention to detail to apply care and artistic attention in working dimension blocks of sandstone from the quarry into a masterpiece of masonry item that has been selected for replacement.

During this process, templates are taken of the item marked and transcribed onto a new masonry block. As the stone is hewed, the stone mason will use traditional hand tools and techniques to replicate the architectural detail on the original stone.

Stone carving and dressing are ancient and artistic methods used to manipulate and shape the stones, from prehistoric rock carvings, to the more modern day sculptures to burial headstones and monuments.

Stone dressing and stone carving services Glasgow, Edinburgh, Lanarkshire and beyond include:

Interior & Exterior Steps

Window Tracery


Window Sills




String Course





We match your exact requirements and desires through our local suppliers.

Stratum Masonry have a long term relationship with their local quarry suppliers which gives them the advantage of being able to provide natural stone supply products that are finished traditionally to match the existing sandstone.

For our stonemasonry residential, commercial and independent clients, we are able to obtain an exact match for all types of building work, houses, gardens, walling, retaining walls, cladding and sandstone.

We are also able to tailor our clients specific requests by importing and sourcing local stone products on their behalf.

Stone dressing for every occasion.

Whatever look, feel or shape you desire your stone to have, we have the skills and tools to provide. Everything from lines, circular, furrowed, molded, polished, punched, rusticated, sunk or scrabbling, our skilled workmen can provide.

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