Stone replacement and indenting

Stone Replacing & Indenting Glasgow

At Stratum Masonry, our expertise lies in stone replacement and indenting. We conduct a stone analysis to identify compatible natural sandstones, aiming for the optimal match in both aesthetics and performance with the existing historic fabric.

Stratum Stone Replacing And Indenting Glasgow, Lanarkshire And Beyond.

At Stratum Masonry we specialise in stone replacement and indenting whereby a stone analysis is typically carried out, which identifies the natural sandstone(s) that are compatible, aiming to achieve the best possible match in terms of aesthetics and performance to the current historic fabric.

The degree of stone indenting and/or replacement depends on the residual structural life of each stone. This requires an expert team of understanding and thorough knowledge in stone replacement and indenting which Stratum Masonry stone masons always deliver.

Our stonemasons have a wealth of expert experience and in replacing and /or indenting dilapidated stonework, with their thorough knowledge of the materials as well as the building and structure to ensure that minimal intervention and compatibility of repair materials is undertaken.

Throughout this process, traditional methods and techniques are used to compliment the new masonry in order to recreate what remains of the building. We do this by matching the the existing masonry and hand dressed and finished using the our traditional methods for an outstanding completion of stone replacement and indenting.

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